Ashley + Cameron

Ashley Patience and Cameron Bik were wed at Peterson's Champagne house in the Hunter Valley Vineyards. Beautiful Motion Pictures went on location to capture the intimate moments of this very special day. 

The brief for the project was an obvious one. To capture the special day for Ashley and Cameron. And to have this film be an everlasting memento for them to view in the future.

Because you only get one attempt with a wedding, this required significant planning and pre-production to make sure that everything went smoothly. All things had to be considered from the location (and backups), to what exactly was being worn (which helps to get great sound). This information can determine how successful the day and therefor film turns out. And it was highlighted on this film, with there being some patchy rain on the day leading to a decision to use a secondary location for the ceremony.

Besides the couple of changes on the day, the whole wedding went very smoothly and resulted in a beautiful end product. Ashley and Cameron were wonderful to work with and wanted to do what was necessary to pull off a great film for their own safe keeping.