FaÇon Magazine australia

Façon (pronounced fas/ø) is a French word meaning mode, method, fashion or trend and defines what this collaboration of creative people is interested in....producing world-class advertising imagery of fashion and people.

Façon strives to empower local creatives and showcase them on a global stage - while shining a spotlight on Newcastle as a smouldering hub of up-and-coming artists, models, photographers and designers. Facon wanted to produce behind the scenes (bts) video content to show this off to the world and to have creative content for the launch of their first issue (called Book One) on December 10th. So in collaboration with the creative team at Facon, we created 3 bts videos, all with different purposes from their cover photo shoot which was held in late October out on Stockton sand dunes with renowned model and entrepreneur Samantha Wills.  

  • 15sec version for Instagram. Instagram has a 15sec video limit, so you have to be able to pack all your punches into that small time frame.
  • 30 second version. A slightly longer version that builds upon what is shown in the Instagram version. Using a longer version of the same music track to help keep consistency, this version is tailored for other social media outlets. Including Facebook and twitter.
  • Full Length version. This particular version is to mainly for their website use (also Facebook as well) and this version contains a chat with Samantha Wills; who is featured on the cover of their launch issue.