The Cleanists - Season Two

The Cleanists is a ten-part Australian comedy series following four very different partners as they struggle with the daily demands of running a house-cleaning business. Each new home they tidy brings a new crisis to mismanage.

The idea of 'The Cleanists' started back in 2013 after writer, director Tristram Baumber engaged a local production company with the idea of shooting a web series based on a house cleaning company. Not entirely happy with the first time results he went back to the drawing board to tighten and improve on his concept and he eventually engaged 'Beautiful Motion Pictures' to come onboard for the Cinematography of the new series. 

The first season launched in December 2013 via Youtube ( to a host of great reviews from the likes of Snobby Robot, Tubefilter and Splitsider. It was also picked up by 'ShowcaseTV' in UK & Ireland and is aired sporadically since it is of such a flexible format. Wanting to put more time, resources and manpower into a second season meant putting some funds behind the project, so a call was put out to all fans of the show via crowdfunding site 'Pozible' and $10,000 was put behind the show for Season 2. 

Season 2 went where season 1 could only dream of. The old adage 'Money makes the world go around' still holds true and it allowed us locations, props, actors and equipment that were a level above what was done in the first season. It just allowed us more freedom. Season 2 was shot during parts of July and August and has been in Post-Production since. It will premiere December 9th with a launch party in Newcastle and one in Sydney on December 14th. It will be 'live' for public viewing on Monday 15th December.

Season Two has just launched and both it and season one can be viewed at: