The headphone project

The Headphone Project is an art installation on Darby St in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. It serves as a way for musicians or artists to be heard, as it acts an amplifier/speaker, allowing for people and organisations to use this to their advantage. This video takes a look at what is 'The Headphone Project'

The Headphone Project is an interactive art installation built on Darby St in Cooks Hill, Newcastle. It was designed to help local musicians be heard. Created by Mark Tisdell in collaboration with fabricator Thomas Ireland, Electronics Engineer Adrian Garner and Illustrator/Graphic Designer Sean Bell. The project also was helped with a 'Make A Place' Grant and a monetary injection from the 'Darby St Traders'

With 'The Headphone Project' having its official launch on May 28th, it was decided that to help promote it and to try and keep the initial momentum that was created up, to put together some media to help explain to the public, some who may not be aware of it, what 'The Headphone Project' is and why it is here. After some consultation with the people involved with the project we had a brief and some ideas to get us underway. The video involved having an indepth chat with all the major members involved to try and discover their reasons for being involved in a great community project. 

The final product ended up being a 2.5 minute indepth look at project. Everyone was very accommodating in this regard giving up their time to me to help with the greater good of this video, even organising me for times when the headphone would be booked out to allow me to capture some of the musicians in action. The final product I believe turned out great and will help immensely with the promotion of the project.

Update: The Headphone Project video has now been on their facebook page ( for 2 weeks, and already has over 3,500 views and has been shared by many local businesses, organisations and people that love great innovations such as this. 

Client: Mark Tisdell & The Headphone Project
Media Agency: Beautiful Motion Pictures
Camera Operator: Stephen Roberts
Edit by: Stephen Roberts