NJC Spring Racing Carnival 2016

The Newcastle Jockey Club (NJC) holds its Spring Racing Carnival each year and is the biggest event on their horse racing calendar. With its recent move to a Friday and Saturday event rather than a mid-week event it has been opened up to a whole new world of potential patrons. This year the NJC wanted to have media to go out on the website and through its social media pages in the hours after the event finished each day to highlight what went on and to create buzz for the next day and for future use.

This essentially meant that the video had to be shot, edited and delivered (with client approval of the final content) all in the same day. This was a massive task to be produced as there were so many variables that had to be accounted for and so many different things happening across the day that all had to be included in the video. Working with the lovely Sarah Peatling (Freelance Horse Racing Journalist) as our presenter for the video added more variables into the mix.

Both days of racing went as smoothly as a same day turnaround video could. Employing the help of Andy Jones as Camera Operator helped lighten the load and divide up the list of items that needed to be included in each days video. Day 1 video was more about the horse racing with the Newcastle Cup being the main race of the day and the Day 2 focus was that it was Ladies Day with many of the days events tailored for the ladies. Both videos in the end were a major success and both ended up going out each night which allowed for the NJC to promote them through its various social media channels.

Check out the two final videos below:

Camera Operators: Stephen Roberts
                                 Andy Jones
Edited & Coloured by: Stephen Roberts