The roost creative - not just another office

The Roost is a community of independent creative people sharing space and ideas, working autonomously and also collaborating occasionally. Co-working and playing out of an open-plan studio based in the heart of Hunter St Mall, Newcastle. The Roost is a mix of emerging creatives and established industry mentors. Among them are graphic designers, illustrators, marketing professionals, photographers, event planners, writers and others working in digital media.

This video was commissioned to help separate 'The Roost' from other office spaces around Newcastle and the idea of using the TV show 'The Office' was born.

The 'Roost Creative' is home to many businesses in many different fields. From Architecture, Landscape Design to Photographers and Videographers and everything in-between. Newcastle also is home to a few other shared/co-working offices. This project was commissioned as a way to show a different side of 'The Roost' and its people and to try and help build its identity. An identity that is different from others around town. 'The Roost' is based out of a truly unique space that cannot be replicated and this video shows that.

The main idea behind the video was to use the television show 'The Office' (US version) as a way to show our uniqueness. 'The Office' is one of the best known sitcoms in the world that ran for 9 successful seasons and it was a show essentially about a quirky office of people and their interactions. Using this as a base we decided to use the theme song from the show as it is an instantly recognizable tune that will allow most people who see our video automatically make that connection of 'The Roost' to 'The Office' television show.

This video was not a quickly done production. Although all filming was pretty much done at our office space, it required a lot of planning to try and get as many faces of 'The Roost' in it as possible. And with most businesses based out of 'The Roost' being small companies, sole traders or freelancers it meant peoples schedules are not set in stone, meaning that in the end it was impossible to get every single person in the video as the production could not go on forever and some decisive decisions had to be made. In the end with the help of Ant Svensk (a Roost user who has specialties in motion graphics and web design) the project came together inside the agreed deadline and truly showcases the uniqueness of 'The Roost Creative'

Client: The Roost Creative
Camera Operator: Stephen Roberts
Edited & Coloured by: Stephen Roberts
Motion Graphics: Ant Svensk (