Thyroid Foundation of Australia Documentary

This documentary promotes awareness of Thyroid problems and lifts the lid upon a disease that doesn't get anywhere near the recognition of more main stream diseases and causes such as Breast Cancer, Diabetes or Multiple Sclerosis.

The aim with the Thyroid Awareness Documentary was to produce content That would help bring information and education to the disease. It does not get the coverage that some of the bigger more heavily funded health problems do. The very first stages of the idea for the documentary come about from being a reliable contractor for 'Screen Hunter' which is the film office for the Hunter region. they were at the time were putting on workshops with various schools in the region and one student wanted to put together a video about the prevalence of the disease. The idea grew from this and with the support and help of the Thyroid Foundation of Australia and doctors from the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney, we were able to bring this doco to life.

In the end we were able to create a video provides awareness to the disease and is content the foundation can use to help with funding and grants. The video itself was shot against a black backdrop which just helps to provide gravity and importance to what each person is saying. The only people not filmed against this background was the experts. as it was a logistical nightmare to be able to co-ordinate with them and RNS Hospital to have access to an area that is quiet and to set this up whilst not disrupting hospital issues.

Client: Thyroid Foundation of Australia
Media Agency: Screen Hunter
Camera Operator: Stephen Roberts
Edit by: Stephen Roberts