Newy Parkrun 250

Newy Parkrun 250 was held on the 11th February 2017 at Newy Parkrun which is run from Arnold st, Carrington. 250 Parkruns is 5 years of Parkrun here in Newcastle.

The idea behind this project was to show everybody what Parkrun is and to celebrate both 250 Parkruns for Newy Parkrun and to celebrate with Alan Field who was also doing his 250th individual Parkrun. Making him one of the first in Australia to do so.

With a bit of planning we were able to pull of multiple different shots for this video even though we only had one Camera Operator on location to shoot this video and it is an event with a finite duration. In the end we were able to get a variety of different shots including: 3 different interviews, aerial footage, Gopro footage of the pack running and Gopro footage of the start and finish which made great timelapse footage + additonal footage of all the helpers and people at the start/finish area.

In the end we produced an absolute amazing video that we believe does justice to both Newy Parkrun and to their 250th event. It is a piece of media that gives the viewer an excellent intro into what Newy Parkrun is all about whilst also showcasing the event that was their 250th run.

Client: Newy Parkrun
Media Agency: Enigma Communications
Camera Operator: Stephen Roberts
Edit by: Stephen Roberts