the cocktail king

The 'Cocktail King' is a look at what goes into making some of your favourite cocktails. Shane from 'The Dockyard' down on the waterfront in Newcastle shows us in 1 minute exactly what skill and hard work goes into making the best cocktails in town. Hence his reputation.

Myself teaming up with the great guys at Enigma Communications were tasked by the Hunter Development Corporation to showcase Shane and his cocktail making skills form 'The Dockyard'.

After liaising with Sam from Enigma we created a brief for this video, laying out in words what we were setting out to achieve, how we were going to do it and a list of shots to get. This also helps on the day by keeping us on track and showing us in pictures and words exactly what we still needed to get. (you can see a picture of a page from the brief above in the picture section). With this laid out, a way still had to be designed to get an over the top shot looking straight down shot of the cocktail. From looking at the various sources we had for our inspiration, this shot stood out as one that we had to get. Not only does it add another level of production value and wow factor to the video, it seemed to be a staple of a lot of other high end cocktail and food videos.

The final video turned out excellently. It shows viewers the hard work that goes into cocktail creation but also leaves them intrigued and wanting to know more about some of the crazy cocktails that are produced by Shane and the team over at 'The Dockyard'. This video was also produced on a very strict budget but we believe that it more than holds its own against some of the crazy $$,$$$ high end food videos that we investigated and used as our inspiration.

Client: Hunter Development Corporation & The Dockyard Newcastle
Media Agency: Enigma Communications
Cinematography by: Stephen Roberts
Edited & Coloured by: Stephen Roberts