The Great Gordo gamsby - sideshow performer

'The Great Gordo Gamsby' is a world renowned sideshow and circus performer. So sit back and take a peek into the life of a Guinness World Record holding Sideshow performer.

With 'The Great Gordo Gamsby' making a stop over in Newcastle on his way up the eastern seaboard of Australia, it was almost pure luck that he was good friends with another camera operator buddy of mine: Yanni Scott-Davis. With Gordo only in town for basically one day, Yanni thought it would be a great idea to shoot a video with him.

Having such little time meant, very little time to prepare. One of the hard things was deciding on the direction of the video and how to portray Gordo Gamsby. Gordo was keen to lift the lid a little on the Sideshow world by showing some of the stunts he does as well as chatting about the way he got into Sideshow. This along with some video provided by him showing some of the Guinness World Records he holds formed the basis of this video which can now essentially be used by him as a showreel. 

The final product I believe provides an excellent overview of who 'The Great Gordo Gamsby' is, what he does and why it is his chosen path in life. 

Client: The Great Gordo Gamsby
Camera Operators: Yanni Scott-Davis
                                 Stephen Roberts
Edited and Coloured by: Stephen Roberts