TVC Mondays, Ninja & Lessons learnt / by Stephen Roberts


Monday - I was on location for a television commercial - I wont say much more than that as I was contracted onto the job, so I'm not 100% sure of the confidentiality of it. But it was a great day -mostly- with a great end result having already seen some of the footage in the edit suite. That was until I almost destroyed my Atomos Ninja 2, Camera and a 14mm Prime lens by dropping them onto a tiled floor. I can assure you a few expletives were said and it was a damn solid sound when everything hit the ground. But in the end everything turned out as well as possible for something that was dropped. The camera doesn't seem to have a scratch on it. The lens hood saved the glass of the lens from taking some serious impact, so that was fine. It was the Ninja 2 that took the brunt on the impact. Lucky for us it is made pretty damn solidly and all that seems to be broken is the plastic clear covering that covers the actual screen.


All in all i think it turned out good for my gear but i learnt a valuable lesson. No matter how time crunched you are always use the systems and workflow you have in place when using high end gear. If you cut corners/deviate from the workflow that's when stuff goes wrong and as you can see by the pictures it can go real wrong.