Launch Night - Cleanists Season Two / by Stephen Roberts


Well the time has come. It is december and last night 'The Cleanists' season 2 had its first launch party. Where all 10 episodes of season 2 were viewed by some of the very special people who contributed to our Pozible campaign to get season 2 funded.

It was a great evening of fun, food, drinks, people and the screening, although yours truely was a little late because a corporate job ran long. But never the less, when I arrived the fun was on and people seemed like they really enjoyed what we had produced.



So we have another party screening night in Sydney on the 14th December  and on Monday 15th December be ready to have your socks blown off with season 2 as it will be live on the intrnet for everyone to enjoy.

But for now enjoy please still enjoy some of season one.