Samantha Wills - Facon Magazine Photo Shoot / by Stephen Roberts

A happy snap of myself along with the make up artists, Samantha Wills, director Lara Lupish and photographer extraordinaire Matt Briggs, in the dune buggy riding out to the location.

Recently, I had the pleasure of producing some behind-the-scenes content for a newly launched fashion magazine called Facon. For this launch issue they went all out, with Australian born, New York based fashion model and self made entrepreneur: Samantha Wills as the cover model.

Myself in action with my trusted Canon C100 Cinema camera, capturing the moment as director Lara Lupish chats with cover model Samantha Wills

This was a stunning photo shoot held out on the Stockton sand dunes where we were beautifully looked after by the Worimi land council, who helped bus myself and the massive entourage that goes along with a massive photo shoot like this out to the location. In the end we probably numbered 20+ people with everyone from make up artists, talent agency people, Worimi people, grip people, vehicle drivers and every kind of assistant or helper you could think of.

To be honest it was a very hot sweaty day, and naturally I got sand everywhere and I was constantly freaking out about getting sand all through my equipment, but it was 140% worth it. Meeting these people, making contacts and friends out of it and obviously getting to shoot content for some kick ass videos. And here is the kicker: I get to do all this and have so much fun at the same time. 

So be on the look out in coming months for probably another blog post about this and most likely I'll feature it at some point as one of the highlighted videos on the website. But until then enjoy the photo below it is a taste of the beautiful landscape I had as my backdrop.

The location for the shoot. Photo taken at the precise moment I was conducting the short on-location interview for the Samantha Wills bts video. That is us on the right, with everything on the left of shot used as the backdrop of the interview.