Throw back Thursday - NDIS with Screencraft / by Stephen Roberts

This week I was back doing a bit of shooting with the team from ScreenCraft. A Canberra based production company. In light of that, I thought I'd throw the spotlight on a project I completed with them last year when they came up here to Newcastle to shoot some content for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). These guys are a government preferred contractor meaning that when the government needs some media produced these guys are one of the go-to companies.

To check out Screencraft, led by their fearless leader Michael Fardell, have a squizz at the content on their website There is some super impressive stuff on there and the amount of production gear they have, makes the hardcore gear nerd inside of me weak at the knees!

With the NDIS being in its infancy at the time this was shot, part of it was to show how the NDIS works, what it is trying to achieve, and how that will help for the better some of the users and carers of the scheme. This involved meeting and filming with Michael who is an NDIS user and meeting with his family as well, to see how it has benefited them.

All the content in the video below was shot with a Canon C500, which is the top of the line cinema camera produced by Canon retailing in the vicinity of $20,000 AUD. And it really shows in some of the outdoor shots you see, where its dynamic range (the ability to hold the brightest and darkest parts together in one image) is absolutely astounding. (see image to the right)

In just the one day I spent with these guys, I learnt a hell of a lot. From the way they shoot, their workflows for doing things, the way the get the best out of their talent and just the way they handle and present themselves as a polished professional unit.

So check out the video below.