PRD EasyMove TV Commercials / by Stephen Roberts

So lately if you are a cricket or tennis fan (come on now, who isnt?....) you may have seen a few new commercials in between overs or during breaks for a company called 'PRD Easymove'.

A while back I had the chance to be involved with the shooting of a couple of television commercials for the good folk at PRD Nationwide. PRD are a good client for my friends at GMRX Media and therfor I have shot a decent amount of content for PRD over the last year or so. They wanted to produce a couple of commercials to introduce and raise the awareness of the new business they had launched called 'Easymove' which is designed to take the stress and hassle out downsizing your home or possibly your loved ones home.

My role on this production was as 1st AC, Sound man and all round nice guy! Being only a small crew (we numbered a whole of 4 people including make-up and a producer!) meant wearing a couple of different hats to make sure everything ran totally smoothly. Fortunately everything was well prepared in pre-production and it ran like a well oiled machine.... (to use a nice cliche!).

The whole production turned out very well. There were a number of shots that used the Camera Crane and that also required exact movements to get right, but in the end it was all worth it. Overall there are 2 different TV commercials with a 15 sec and a 30 sec version of each meaning 4 PRD Easymove commercials playing currently into homes everywhere.