Throw Back Thursday - gemma ward in summer wonder by country road / by Stephen Roberts

Thought I would take this chance to go back and post a bit about some of the projects I have been involved with over the years in different capacities, so you can have an understanding of the breadth of my work, skillset and just some of the fun adventures I've had the absolute please of working on.

First up: 

Gemma Ward in 'Summer Wonder' by Country Road We celebrated our 40th birthday with iconic Australian model, Gemma Ward. Travelling to the northern beaches, we paid homage to the quintessential summer holiday of sun, sand and sea, where traditions are built and memories are made. Directed by Jessie Oldfield and Adam Murfet.

This project was the very first time I had the pleasure of working with Melbourne based media agency:  'C-KOL' short for 'Certain Kind of Light'. They were coming up to the Hunter to shoot an online TVC for iconic label 'Country Road' for their summer 2014 campaign. This campaign also marked the return of Australian model and new brand ambassador 'Gemma Ward' who was returning to the game after some time out to start a family.

This was a multi-day shoot shot on an Arri Alexa XT with a set of Zeiss prime lenses and due to the locations, lit with alot of natural light both bounced and diffused. This was a large project involving about 20 crew including producers, clients, talent and both directors. Myself and a number of the crew members were Newcastle and Sydney based which was a help to the Melbourne based guys. This was a top of line silkly smooth run project that a far as I could tell ran without a hitch. So well in fact there was time for a lunch time dip at the beach.

Take a look at the final product.