Sneak Peak.... / by Stephen Roberts


Thought I'd give you a nice inside look at a video that is currently being edited. A while back (well..... quite a while back now) myself and a fellow colleague had the absolute pleasure and honor of having an on-camera chat with multiple Guinness World Record holder 'The Great Gordo Gamsby'.

This guy has traveled all around the globe performing his crazy stunts as a world renowned sideshow performer and believe me he does some insane stuff. So have a squizz at some of the photos in this blog post.


It was a very fun and interesting afternoon/night shooting this video. Although the location seems very alleyway/circus like (try the top picture), the fact is one of Newcastle's best restaurants is right next door and we were there just before starting having a feed. We had a chat to the owners and they were more than happy for us to film in the alley and to also borrow a powerpoint for our lights from them. The only real issues we encountered were just general public traffic - people walking through the alley and also just genuinely interested onlookers wondering what the hell was going on in such a nice part of town.

This video should hopefully be finished and up on the site here very shortly. It was one I had been itching to do but just hadn't had the time. So keep your eyes peeled, crazy content coming soon....