Throw Back Thursday - Newcastle Uni Electrical Engineering recruitment video / by Stephen Roberts

At the start of 2014 Newcastle University released this video to help drive recruitment for their Electrical Engineering degree.

I am proud to say that I was able to work on this project. My buddy Gavin Blyth from 'Blyth Cinematic' and who is now part of the team at 'Eponine Films'  (who last year released the feature film 'Love is Now'), brought me on board as there were a number of key elements to this video that could not be done solo.

It was two fun days of shooting and meeting some of the awesome guys (and gals) who were studying Electrical Engineering. And the project was finished off with a couple of the students putting their electric motor bike through its paces  on campus (albeit, it was holiday time). This involved us going around and around one of the major car parks with a motorbike following a Subaru wagon with its back wagon door open and myself in the back trying to get some nice steady shots of the motorbike in action, it would have been quite an odd sight to anyone else who was on campus that particular day.