Fletcher Building Group Video / by Stephen Roberts

Peter Bader, MD of Apollo Kitchens

I was recently in Sydney to conduct a number of interviews with companies that are apart of the 'Fletcher Building' group. Fletcher is a NZ based company and they wanted to talk with a number of their members to gather feedback on how things are going, strengths, weaknesses, what they can do better etc. 

Martin O'Connell, Co-owner of AWJ Civil

This meant talking to some of their Australian based companies and clients located in Sydney to get their views on everything and then all shot material was sent back to NZ to be edited into a video along with the footage from their NZ based talks.

It was an awesomely fun day with myself in control of camera and most technical things like lighting and sound and my producer Crystal in control of clients, admin, times, locations etc. Everything ran smoothly as it was beautiful prepared by the production team at 90 seconds tv back in NZ. 

David Hanson of Axis Metal Roofing

We conducted three separate interviews with members of the Fletcher Building group and we got to shoot in some great locations including a construction site with AWJ Civil , on the factory floor with the MD of Apollo Kitchens and in an office with a representative of Axis Metal Roofing. All completely different locations, all requiring different set ups, all having to produced on the fly as these locations were not seen beforehand.

The only downer of the day was that hectic Sydney traffic. At one point it took close to an hour to go less than 10km closer to the CBD of Sydney. It was crazy!