Evolution SurfAid Cup 2016 / by Stephen Roberts

I thought I'd touch on a video I completed recently for the Charity organisation SurfAid (www.surfaid.org). These guys are a tremendous organisation that are helping to bring the bare basics such as clean drinking and food water to remote villages in the Mentawi Islands of Indonesia.

These guys hold an annual event each year in Newcastle and various other locations in Australia and around the US (Margaret River, Bondi, Malibu) which runs in conjunction with Surfest, where local businesses who have raised funds for the Surfaid Charity compete in a knockout style surfing competition with a winner crowned at the end of the day. Each team gets to have a pro surfer on their team to help and the business who raises the most funds gets first pick, all the way down to the one who raised the least who gets last pick. Over the course of the 5 years it has been running here in Newcastle, they have had a whole host of top professional surfers give up their time for the event including the likes to Matt Hoy, Travis Lynch, Tom Whitaker, Ryan Callinan, and two time world surfing champ Tom Carroll.

This is the second time I have put together a video for the event which this year raised over $80,000 for the charity. This year the brief of the video was slightly fine-tuned to have a less surf-orientated video and one that focused more on the people involved with the event and the businesses which helped to raise the money. In the end it was a super fun video to be involved with and one that I believe does the event and the organisation justice. Check it out below: