The Ballad of Les Darcy / by Stephen Roberts

Back at the end of 2013. My friends Tom Arthur and Zac Garred (whom you may know as Levi Dunkleman from the American soap drama 'General Hospital') approached myself and a few other filmmakers about the opportunity to come on board for the production of a teaser based on the life of Les Darcy. This was to be used to try and gain funding for a fully fledged version of 'The Ballad of Les Darcy' and this week they have finally released it for the public to see. So feast your eyes on this wonderful piece of film. 

This week was the 98th anniversary of Les Darcy’s passing in Memphis, at only 21. Today we’d like to share with you our teaser, to our incredible donars this is for you. This is another device in our drive to making this film based on Peter Fitzsimons book, it is an allusion to Les’ story and a display of the talent around us. To those wonderful contemporaries we work with, this is a testament to your talents.

We hope you enjoy. Still much more to do but your continued support always brings us closer.
— Zac Garred and Tom Arthur from EC/FC

So there may be some exciting things on the horizon in regards to this. But in the meantime take a look at this trailer in all it's glory:

"Being made perfect, in a small space, he fulfilled a long time." ECFC is proud to release the teaser-trailer for The Ballad of Les Darcy. Funded generously by supporters via Pozible, it aims to generate interest in developing a feature film based on the true story of a remarkable young boxing champion from Maitland, Australia, who put his family before King and country - and paid the ultimate price.