The Headphone Project / by Stephen Roberts

If you have been down Darby St lately you may have noticed a new installation out the front of 'McCosker Partners Chartered Accountants', you may also have noticed it looks suspiciously like a massive headphones...... well you are correct. It is a massive headphone and it is there to help local musicians as it is a giant amplifer/speaker that can be booked out and used to show off your musical talents. It is called 'The Headphone Project'.


Myself in collaboration with the team of people who brought this idea to life, are working to produce some media to let everyone know the story behind how and why this came together. What it took and also just to get word out about this great and unique installation.  


So it all started last weekend when we headed out to capture some of the musicians in action using the headphone. Darby st is a high traffic part of town with all the great restaurants and eateries that Darby st is known for literally right there almost surrounding the Headphone.  So any muso's using the Headphones have some prime real estate to have their voices heard or to make some cash busking. 

So keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks or so as this video will be done and up around the web in next to no time. But in the mean time you can check out 'The Headphone Project' facebook page at